School Uniform


 The Role of Parents

We ask all parents who send their children to our school to support the school uniform policy.  It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that their child has the correct uniform and that it is clean and in good repair.  Where a parent is temporarily unable to send their child to school in the appropriate uniform, permission must be sought from the Head Teacher, who must agree that the reasons are valid. All items must be named.

Please note:  school shoes and PE trainers must be appropriate for the active lives our children lead.  School shoes must not have high heels, and fashion boots or brightly coloured trainers must not be worn in place of school shoes.  In the event of inclement weather, sensible boots may be worn.

All items of PE uniform must be plain, and not display any type of logo.

The children are strongly encouraged to wear hats/caps during the summer months.

Please ensure that your child’s name is clearly marked on all items of clothing brought into school.

Health & Safety

For health and safety reasons jewellery must not be worn, except for plain gold/silver stud earrings.  Pupils will need to be able to remove their earrings themselves for PE lessons.  If they are unable to do this, earrings must be left at home on PE days.  Please ensure that any new piercings are made at the start of the summer holidays to ensure that they have time to heal.  

Sensible, inexpensive wristwatches can be worn, and must be marked with the owner’s name.  The pupil must be responsible for their watch as the school is not responsible for damage to or loss of personal property.

All long hair should be tied back.  Please use maroon, grey, white or black bands or scrunchies for this, and discourage your child from wearing fancy hair bands as some designs can cause injury.  All hair styles must be sensible and appropriate for school; extreme haircuts are not acceptable.  Shaven heads or any haircut which involves the shaving of lines or symbols, extreme colouration or particularly noticeable variations in colour or length will almost certainly be judged as extreme by the school. 

Make-up, including nail varnish, along with tattoos, must never be worn in school.

School bags must be named and be of an appropriate size.  Children only require a book bag (to carry pencils cases and reading books etc) and a string-drawn bag (to carry a PE kit).  Further bags are unnecessary and take up precious space in the cloakroom. 

If your child is not adhering to our school policy, you will receive a letter from the teacher outlining what aspect of their uniform needs addressing for the following day.  Your compliance in this matter is greatly appreciated.

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