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Inspire Workshops

To find out what parents have said about our workshops, please choose one of the events below...

EYFS: Elmer: 26th June 2019

Year 1 and 2: Fun with Wood: 13th June 2019

Year 5 and 6: Automata Animal: 11th June 2019

Year 3 and 4: Shape Challenge: 4th June 2019

Year 1 and 2: Who is my Neighbour?: 19th March 2019

Year 3 and 4: Roman Mosaic: 5th February 2019

Year 1 and 2: Space Aliens and Rockets: 29th November 2018

Year 5 and 6: Tudor History: 9th October 2018

Pupil Survey

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Parent Survey

This is our latest parent survey,

please take a look at the wonderful things

that our parents say about St. Joseph's...

Parent View

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We really do value the feedback we receive from parents and children, and a great way to support St. Joseph's is to get into school as much as possible.  

We have vacancies for our Parents' Association where you can help to run events and raise funds for school.  Or if you want to just come into school and help out, we have a team of volunteer readers who come in on a regular basis and listen to individual children read.

Any support, however small, is very much appreciated, so please let us know if you would like to help out with any of the above.

Each term we put on exciting Inspire Workshops in all of our classes.  This is an opportunity for parents and grandparents to come into school for the morning and learn alongside their child. 

The activities involve rolling your sleeves up and getting your hands 'dirty!'  Children love to show off their classrooms to their parents, so please do try to come along.  Look out for the dates on the weekly newsletters.

Opportunity to give feedback on Inspire Workshops is provided at the end of the morning.  Please take the time to tell us how much you enjoyed it, and share any ideas you may have in how to improve the workshops.

Year 5 and 6: Chinese New Year: 5th February 2019

EYFS: Under the Sea: 30th January 2019

EYFS: Space: 27th November 2018

Year 3 and 4: Victorians: 16th October 2018

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