St Joseph's Catholic Primary School


This year 11 pupils were commissioned as Mini Vinnies: Zuzanna, Matilda, Finlay, Harvey, Martyna, Layla, Kaya, Salvador, Lola, Molly and Rafaella.

Our Year 5 children journeyed to Leeds Cathedral along with hundreds of other primary school children within the Diocese of Leeds to be commissioned as Mini Vinnies. Congratulations childre, you will become great ambassadors for the Mini Vinnie charity.

We turn concern into action – We are inspired by Christ’s message to love our neighbour as ourselves.

Our Mission is to seek and find those in need, to help them in a spirit of justice and to tackle the causes of poverty where we can.

The Mini Vinnies play a vital role in the SMSC life of the school, and are supported by the Mini Vinnie Co-ordinator.


The Mini Vinnie Pledge

As a member of Mini Vinnies, I promise to make a difference to my world by:

  • Caring for, respecting and loving myself
  • Strengthening my friendship with Jesus by talking to him each day and talking to others about him
  • Caring for others in my school and community by being a friend to those who are alone, in need or in trouble
  • Making my family happy by my help, respect and showing kindness and consideration
  • Caring for and enjoying God’s world
  • Treating others the way I would like them to treat me

The Mini Vinnie Prayer

Lord, thank you for our gifts and talents.
Lord, show us who needs our help.

Lord, use our hands to help those who are hungry.
Lord, open our hearts to love and
comfort those who are sad and  lonely.
Lord, let us share our time, gifts
and talents with those in need.
Lord, help us to care for the sick.
Lord, may we all help and support each
other as Mini Vinnies to build a better world.  Amen

Pupils across school have the opportunity to serve the school as part of the ‘Mini Vinnies’.

Anyone can join, and members are commissioned during a special assembly, when they receive their Mini Vinnie Badge and confirm their pledge to the society.

On Wednesday 23rd October, 4 members of our Mini Vinnie group went along to Mission Charity in our local area of Goole to present the volunteers with our Harvest donations. We are extremely proud of our school efforts to help and support others in our local community.

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