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Year 3 & 4 Photograph Gallery

Tutankhamun Masks 

Throughout history, we have been learning all about The Ancient Egyptians! As part of this, we have focused a lot of attention on the great boy king, Tutankhamun. The children designed and created and painted some wonderful Tutankhamun death masks. See them in action below! 

 Music - Learning to play the Ukulele

The children have again been very lucky to have Mrs O'Brein visit us every Friday this term! We have been practicing our C and F Chords this week and have even managed to use these within a range of different songs! Keep up the good work Year 3 & 4! 

Dance - The Haka 

 We are lucky enough to have Hull FC supporting us this term in PE and our topic is dance. Our children have been learning a range of dance techniques across the 2 weeks and have implemented them into their performances. Last week the children learned how to do The Haka and took inspiration from videos of the New Zealand Rugby team. 

Mummifying Tomatoes! 

Year 3 & 4 have been learning all about mummification within their history lessons. We have looked at why The Ancient Egyptians mummified people, who was mummified, where they went when they were mummified and most importantly, the process of mummification! The children had great fun following their own instructions and creating a mummified tomato, ready to send off to The Afterlife. 

Geography - Coastal Erosion! 

Rivers and Coasts is our topic this term in Geography and last week we learnt how the coast (particularly that in the east) is eroding away. We first created our own mini beaches with a cliff all made of sand in a tray. We then added water in to the tray to signify the ocean and created waves which travelled up to the beach and eroded away their cliffs! Lots of fun and learning, as well as being a tad bit messy! 

Forest Schools - Picture Frames

Year 3 & 4 have taken part in a range of different activities this year in our forest school lessons. Last week we managed to create some lovely woodland picture frames. The children went to collect their owns twigs and leaves, which they then carefully stuck down onto card to create their final masterpieces! They have turned out beautifully and are featured on our forest schools display in our main entrance! 

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