Our Relationship and Health Education

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Goole, along with the rest of the primary schools within the BKCAT Trust, we use TenTen resources to support the planning and delivery of RHE across our school.

RH(S)E Policy

Parent Consultation Process

Right of Withdrawal from RE and Collective Worship

Voluntary aided schools in England and Wales must ensure that religious education is provided as part of the school’s basic curriculum. In Catholic schools this is done in accordance with the teachings, doctrines, discipline and norms of the Catholic Church. Academies in England are required by their funding agreement and Articles of Association to comply with similar requirements.

Similarly, in state funded schools England and Wales are required by law to take part in an act of collective worship on each school day. In Catholic schools this is dome in accordance with the rites, practices, disciplines and liturgical norms of the Catholic Church.

Parents of pupils in VA schools and voluntary academies are permitted to request that their child is withdrawn from receiving all or part of religious education and/or collective worship given at the school and any such request shall stand until such time that the parent’s request is withdrawn. 

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