Our Curriculum Statement

We want the children at St Joseph's to become innovative, life-long learners and our curriculum is key to enabling this vision. In order to fully access our curriculum, we are determined that all pupils will be able to read fluently and develop a love for reading as they move through school. This will help them to unlock their potential and enjoy all that our curriculum has to offer.

Through the themes we have chosen to develop pupils’ character and the range of exciting learning opportunities which will support pupils’ academic development, children will leave St. Joseph's well prepared for the next phase of their education. They will know and understand the key components required to become successful, well-rounded global citizens in today’s ever changing society.

Importantly, they will be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to use their God-given talents for the benefit of themselves and for others, developing the qualities needed to make a successful contribution to their own future and in preparation for the communities which they will be part of in the years to come.

Our Curriculum Intent...

When developing the intent of our curriculum, we took into account the following factors:

  • Our local environment;

  • The expertise of our staff team;

  • The values and traditions of our school;

  • The needs of our school community;

  • The wellbeing of our staff team.

The aim of the curriculum at St Joseph's Catholic Primary School is to provide the children with a bespoke curriculum that suits their needs and teaches them to become model, global citizens. We have explored the needs of our children and our Curriculum Driver words are reflective of this.

  • Environment

  • Leadership

  • Aspirations

  • Resilience

  • Service

  • Diversity

By the end of their time at St Joseph's the children will:

  • Be aware of what exists beyond their immediate life experiences (home and school), the impact human actions have had on the natural environment in the past, how our actions are affecting the environment today and what changes we can make in the future to protect and value our planet;

  • Know the stories of great leaders* and develop their own skills to become courageous leaders of their own families and communities, confident in knowing that leadership is for everyone in all aspects of life;

  • Have aspirations for their future life and career, understanding that through the efforts they put in, they can experience many successes. They will know that everyone has a huge amount of God-given potential and that there is a direct link between effort and success;

  • Be resilient, understanding that failure is part of a successful learning process and learn that even the greatest leaders, inventors etc. have failed many times before finding a solution;

  • Know the impact that an individual can have through public service to their local community and to be aware that a successful community needs all members to charitably contribute to its success;

  • Know that our community respects and values diversity and believes that we are a stronger society because of our differences;

Our Curriculum Implementation...

Each term will have a Global Theme and wider curriculum teaching, where possible, will link to this theme. Where this isn’t possible, teaching will still link directly to the aims of the National Curriculum.

These themes build sequentially over a two-year cycle in the following order:

Autumn Term - Year A Diversity

Spring Term - Year A Service

Summer Term - Year A Aspirations 

Autumn term - Year B  Environment

Spring Term - Year B  Leadership

Summer Term - Year B  Resilience

Our Curriculum Impact...

Our vision is for pupils to leave St Joseph's with a constant thirst for knowledge and to become life-long learners.

The impact of the curriculum will be evaluated by school leaders by monitoring the progress of all children over time. In so doing, subject leaders will ensure that:

  • Teaching matches or exceeds the breadth and ambition of the national curriculum;

  • There is necessary time allocated for the meaningful coverage of their subject area;

  • Opportunities are taken, when presented, to promote a love of reading during lessons;

  • Pupils can articulate, at an appropriate level, learning that has taken place and the impact it has had on them;

  • Pupils' progress is monitored in an appropriate way with timely feedback provided;

  • There are opportunities for learning to be enriched beyond formal classroom teaching.

We know that all individuals are unique, made in the image of God and that Jesus is the model teacher. This curriculum is underpinned by regular opportunities for high quality personal and spiritual development in which pupils will grow in faith and come to know and live out the Christian Virtues.

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