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Photos of Progression in Maths

Please click on the link above to see how our children make progress in Maths.

Mathematics Overview

To help you understand what we teach in each year group, and how that teaching builds up year on year, we have created what some documents below that show progression for the different aspects of Mathematics.  Click on each one to find out more.

Addition and Subtraction Progression Map

Algebra Progression Map

Fractions Progression Map

Geometry, Position, Direction and Movement Progression Map

Measurement Progression Map

Place Value Progression Map

Mathematics Statement of Intent

We use a range of resources, including the White Rose Maths Hub plans to support our teaching across school to ensure that there is appropriate breadth and depth in our mathematics curriculum.  Pupils are given regular opportunities to learn, revisit and revise basic skills and memorise key concepts such as number bonds and times tables.

To build up fluency, children enjoy quizzes, RM Maths and Tables Mountains.  We provide our children with access to online support and materials at home using Espresso and Purple Mash for making mathematics fun.  There are also many opportunities to develop mathematical reasoning and problem solving skills using large game-based problem solving equipment.

Click on each year group to view the maths objectives that our children will be working towards.

Year 1 Objectives

Year 2 Objectives

Year 3 Objectives

Year 4 Objectives

Year 5 Objectives

Year 6 Objectives

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