Our History Curriculum

Statement of Intent

Our pupils will become confident and enthusiastic historians. They will develop a passion and curiosity for learning about the past and will be able to identify ways in which this impacts our life today. Pupils will be equipped with a range of historical enquiry skills to support their learning. They will be able to work independently to build a secure knowledge of the past through learning about key historical figures and events. Throughout their school life, pupils will learn about a range of historical eras in line with the National Curriculum. This will enable pupils to develop a clear sense of chronology. To support their historical knowledge, children will develop a rich historical vocabulary. Pupils will be able to confidently communicate what they have learned about the past through a range of approaches such as art, writing and oral presentations. Children will be able to apply their knowledge of the past in their path to becoming a global citizen. 

Statement of Implementation

History is an important feature of our school curriculum. Pupils will access an exciting and relevant curriculum. The approach to teaching history includes a range of features. 

  • Pupils will follow the Twinkl Plan-It scheme of work. 
  • The teaching of history in Key Stage One and Two will be focused in two week blocks at the start of alternate half terms. In EYFS the teaching of history will be addressed through ongoing continuous provision. 
  • Lessons will involve pupils completing tasks where they ask and answer a range of historical questions to develop their knowledge of the past. They will use books and the internet to find answers to questions they have asked about the past. 
  • A range of historical sources of evidence will be used to support learning about the past. These will include pictures, written sources and artefacts. 
  • Key vocabulary will be taught throughout each ‘Plan-It’ unit. This may involve using interactive games. 
  •  Pupils will be asked to communicate their historical knowledge in written and oral forms. 

Statement of Impact

Pupils will become passionate historians who can talk confidently and enthusiastically about the past. They will be able to apply their knowledge of the past to their present day lives. Pupils will have developed a range of independent enquiry skills so that they can direct their own learning. They will be able to confidently communicate their knowledge of the past, both orally and in written form. A wide vocabulary will enable pupils to talk effectively about the past and develop their learning further. 

Overview of Our History Curriculum

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