Statement of Intent

Our writing curriculum has been carefully planned so that it provides children with the ability to confidently communicate their ideas to the world.

Children are encouraged to develop a passion for writing and the ability to communicate their ideas in the written form independently.

Writing - One Page Policy

Writing Provision for Disadvantaged Pupils


Statement of Intent

Our aim is to develop confident and independent readers who possess a love of reading to take with them through life. Our reading curriculum encompasses a range of opportunities for children to listen to and study high quality recommended texts and authors. Our teaching focuses on developing vocabulary, mastering phonic skills and applying this knowledge to their reading, as well as developing comprehension skills through this quality first teaching. We provide regular time for children to read independently to build up fluency and stamina, a love of reading, imagination and knowledge of the world. We use our inspirational library environment as a relaxing space where children can access a wide range of quality fiction, non-fiction and poetry texts.

Reading - One Page Policy

Reading Provision for Disadvantaged Pupils

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