St Joseph's Catholic Primary School


Progression in Design & Technology


Children in Foundation Stage Class explored how to make moving pictures, with inspiration taken from the story of 'Elmer'.  Children make moving pictures.


Children in Years 1 and 2 designed and made symmetrical butterflies to enhance their science work.


Evaluation of our work is an important part of our learning process, encouraging reflection and improvement.



Children in Year 3 and 4 worked with the medium of clay.  Again, they had to think carefully about the use of a pot, the structure, weight and attractiveness.


Children in Year 5 and 6 explored Cam Mechanisms and linked their creations to the world of animals and fish.  You can see here the technical vocabulary that is used within this field.

Jacob's very proud achievements! 



Here you see a final design where colours and symmetry have been carefully explored...



Marcie's design is quite complex...



After creating a couple of designs, a final plan was drawn up.




Here you can see the end product of a masterpiece!  By moving the handle, the Great White Shark acts as predator, patrolling the sea bed looking for prey!

The virtue of perseverance is something we work hard at. 



... and here is the finished product!



... but she has managed to create a true likeness of her initial design.  Well done Marcie!



Here you can see a very proud young man (Danielis) showing off his finished clay pot.



Here is an example of a more complex structure, where two cam mechanisms have been used to create movement for the Rhino and the foliage.


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