St Joseph's Catholic Primary School


Progression in Art

Foundation Stage

I can hold a pencil.

I can use pencils to make marks.

I can sometimes give my marks a meaning.

Year 3 and 4

I can use different grades of pencils at varying angles to show different tones.

I can use shading, hatching and cross hatching to show tone and texture in my drawings.

I can use shading to show shadows and reflections on 3D shapes.

Foundation Stage

Explore what happens when they mix colours.

 Choose particular colours to use for a purpose.  


Year 3 & 4

I can mix a variety of colours and know which colours make secondary colours.

I can experiment with different effects and textures.

Year 1 and 2

I can draw with pencils.

I can draw lines of different sizes, shapes and thickness.

I can show patterns and textures in my artwork by adding dots and lines in my drawings.

Year 5 and 6

I can incorporate shadows and reflections in my portrait drawings.

I can use proportion lines to add features to a portrait drawing.

I can develop my own style of drawing.

Year 1 & 2

I can create different textures e.g glitter.

I can mix a range of secondary colours, shades and tones.

Year 5 & 6

I can create imaginative work from a variety of sources.

I can show an awareness of how paintings are created.

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