St Joseph's Catholic Primary School


Curriculum Intent 

At St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School, we offer a curriculum with Christ at the centre.  

The needs of our children are central to our curriculum.  Having a strong knowledge of our local area, our curriculum offers the knowledge, skills and experiences that will give our children the best start in life.  We ensure that language is at the forefront of all learning, allowing our children to know the world around them and reach for the stars.

Our ethos promotes a love of learning which drives exploration, ambition and passion.

Our purpose is to identify and nurture the uniqueness of each child.


Religious Education


We deliver our RE lessons with the support of the Diocesan recommended scheme, 'The Way, The Truth and The Life'.  This scheme teaches and supports the children with the principles of the Catholic faith.  To see this in more detail, please visit our Religious Education section of the website.



In English we teach a broad curriculum covering reading, writing, grammar and speaking and listening.  We draw on a range of high quality materials to enhance our provision of writing, and have invested in a new reading scheme which is phonetically decodable for our early readers.

We study high quality texts, both modern and classical, including The Narnia Chronicles, Wonder and Tom's Midnight Garden.

Children have access to a modern and inspiring library, in addition to a personal reading book.  Parents are encouraged to read with their children at home, and help them progress through our rewards based reading challenge.

Our aim is to develop confident and independent readers who possess a love of reading to take with them through life.



We follow the Letters and Sounds programme for the teaching of phonics.  This allows us to teach phonics is a systematic and progressive way throughout our Foundation Stage class and children in Year 1.  If we have any child who does not pass the Phonics Screening Check in Year 1, or the re-take in Year 2, then we provide additional small group teaching. Any child who comes to us with limited English speaking skills also benefits from these small group sessions.

It is our belief that being able to read fluently develops confidence in a child, and empowers them to take advantage of opportunities and experiences in later life.



We use the White Rose Maths Hub plans across school to ensure that there is appropriate breadth and depth in our mathematics curriculum.  Pupils are given regular opportunities to learn, revisit and revise basic skills and memorise key concepts such as number bonds and times tables.

To build up fluency, children enjoy quizzes, Times Tables Rock Stars, RM Maths and Tables Mountains.  There are also many opportunities to develop mathematical reasoning and problem solving skills using large game-based problem solving equipment.



We are in the privileged position of having a fluent French speaker on our staff team who has a passion for all things French.  To support these lessons, we follow a structured scheme 'La Jolie Rhonde' which all KS2 children have access to.  

As part of our MFL provision, we explore the culture of France during our French themed day, where children experience the delights of French food, French music and French art.


Art and Design

In Art, we draw on local features and national artists to develop a love for all things creative, using different forms of media.  Our programme is based on a series of progressive skill, and by the end of Year 6, our children will have a deep understanding and appreciation of the work of inspirational and local artists.  They will demonstrate pride and enthusiasm in the creation of their own work, exploring a variety of styles and using an array of mediums and techniques.


Design and Technology

Our DT provision uses a progressive skills based approach to allow our pupils to take part in designing, making and evaluating a range of different projects such as cam mechanisms, levers and pulleys. 



Our computing curriculum is based on Purple Mash and Espresso scheme of work.  These ensure children in all year groups gain a comprehensive programme of study that allows their creativity to flourish, devising expressive multi-media stories, games and pictures.  Our computing programme also incorporates how to stay safe on and off line.



Our science provision uses a well-researched scheme called 'Science Bugs' through Active Learn Primary.  This in an online, interactive programme of study accompanied with pupil books and assessment resources.  Science Bugs is packed full of exciting lessons with a focus on hands-on science.  The structure offers six units for each year group, with six lessons in each unit.



Our history curriculum is progressive and builds on key knowledge and skills each year.  By the end of Year 6, our children will be confident historians, able to satisfy a deep sense of curiosity, evaluate various sources of evidence and understand how invasions, settlements and significant people continue to influence both the locality of Goole and the wider world.



We aim to equip our children with the geographical confidence.  Through a variety of opportunities, children will be able to use their knowledge, resources and geographical tools to develop their curiosity and fascination in their exploration of the locality of Goole, Britain and the wider world.



Our music provision follows the award-winning, modern-day Charanga Musical School.  We provide access to excellent and progressive lessons that draw on a wealth of resources and an extensive library.  As part of this programme, children can access Yumu; a safe, online space where children can go to learn, explore and develop playing and musicianship skills.



Our PE provision is progressive and is enhanced by a specialist sports coach in partnership with Goole Area Schools Sports.  The scheme of work covers Athletics, Gymnastics, Dance, Invasion Games and Outdoor Adventure. 

Our children have opportunity to participate in school-to-school sporting competitions led by Sports Leaders from our local High School.  

We are supported by Hull Rugby Football Club and take advantage of the extra-curricular activity they provide on a weekly basis.

Our school grounds are extensive and boast a fire pit, a wild life area, a cinder path used for the daily mile, and new wooden climbing equipment (ropes, swings, monkey bars etc).


Personal, Social, Health and Emotional ... Relationship and Sex Education (PSHE and RSE)

As a Catholic school, we use faith inspired resources and programmes to enhance the teaching of relationships and health education within the context of a Christian understanding of human sexuality, rooted in the wisdom and teaching of the Catholic Church.  

We are embracing "the challenges of creating a happy and successful adult life" by giving pupils knowledge "that will enable them to make informed decisions about their well-being, health and relationships. " (DfE Statutory Guidance).  We will deliver this teaching through the prism of Catholic RSE which is taken from the model RSE programme by the Catholic Education Service.

We promote healthy lifestyles through the Change4life programme, and utilise Growth Mindset for mental health and well-being.





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