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In our current climate, we all have a part to play to ensure that our children remain safe from both visible and hidden dangers. As a school, we are working closely with other agencies to ensure that the town of Goole is a safe place in which to raise children.

Below, you will find information on what we are actively doing to promote safeguarding on a weekly basis.  If you have any concerns with this issue, please come into school to speak to a member of staff. No worry is too small.

The designated staff responsible for child protection in school are:

Ms Tina Barry (Designated Senior Person), Mrs Julie Morrell (Deputy Designated Senior Person),

Mrs Catherine Murphy (named Child Protection Governor). Social Care Direct: 0845 8503503.

Internet Safety Day

On Tuesday, 10th February, our children learned all about internet safety, and explored how to stay safe when using a range of technology.  The day was launched with a Key Stage assemblies by Mrs Hill, followed by classroom activities.  This important aspect of our safeguarding work will remain an annual feature in our school calendar.

Safeguarding Parent Leaflet

I have devised a new parent leaflet that explains about safeguarding, and what we as a school have a duty to do in order to keep our children safe.  Copies of this booklet are located in the reception area for you to take and keep at home.

Catholic Care Support Work

We now have available in school a Catholic Care counsellor who is able to support the physical and emotional well-being of our children and their families.   This high quality support is delivered by Ms Pritiva Attiken, a fully qualified counsellor with a wealth of experience of working with children.  This takes place in school for one full day each Wednesday.

Anti-radicalistion / Anti-extremism Training

On Monday, 2nd March, our staff and governors received anti-radicalistion / anti-extremism training, provided by the local police. From this training, we aim to now carry out work in our school which will safeguard our children against such dangers, and raise awareness amongst parents about the signs to look out for.  

Appeal for Sensible Road Use 

We have received a complaint from a local resident about parents who drive their cars at speed along the road at the front of the school after dropping their children off.  This is a matter of great concern, as reckless driving places our children at risk at this already busy time of day.  Please keep this consideration in mind.  As always, we will continue to work with the local police to ensure that our roads remain as safe as possible for our children.

Police Partnership Working Workshop

On 5th March, Ms Barry attended a multi-agency workshop organised by the Police.  Attendees represented many different sectors of the community including Health, Education, Councillors and Economic Development.  It is hoped that a strategic action plan will result from the day, enabling services to work together in the true style of partnership working.  


Sex, Relationship Education Scheme: 'In the Beginning'

A word of thanks to the staff and parents who attended our consultation evening with Mr Charlie Saul on 16th April.  Mr Saul was very engaging and informative in the way he presented the new materials, and everyone was in favour of adopting 'In the Beginning' for our school.

This scheme has been welcomed by so many schools and parents across the Diocese, and is a very effective resource in dealing with current issues in a very gentle way, giving parents the choice and responsibility for exploring more sensitive issues in a way that is suited to their individual family values.

Each year, we will run the scheme during the second half of the summer term (after Spring Bank holiday).  It is structured to enable each year group to focus on a different aspect of new life and positive relationships, and it builds progressively throughout the years, from Year 1 to Year 6.