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In our current climate, we all have a part to play to ensure that our children remain safe from both visible and hidden dangers. As a school, we are working closely with other agencies to ensure that the town of Goole is a safe place in which to raise children.

Below, you will find information on what we are actively doing to promote safeguarding on a weekly basis.  If you have any concerns with this issue, please come into school to speak to a member of staff. No worry is too small.

The designated staff responsible for child protection in school are:

Mrs Tina Connell (Designated Senior Person)

Mrs Helen Cooke (Deputy Designated Senior Person)

Mrs Catherine Murphy (named Child Protection Governor).

Social Care Direct: 0845 8503503.

You can read out safeguarding policy on our policy page.  


Safeguarding Parent Leaflet

I have devised a parent leaflet that explains about safeguarding, and what we as a school have a duty to do in order to keep our children safe.  Copies of this booklet are located in the reception area for you to take and keep at home.

Catholic Care Support Work

We have available in school a Catholic Care counsellor who is able to support the physical and emotional well-being of our children and their families.   This high quality support is delivered by Ms Pritiva Attiken, a fully qualified counsellor with a wealth of experience of working with children.  This takes place in school for one half day each alternate Wednesday.


 If you are worried about online sexual abuse, or the way that someone has been communicating with your child online, here is a link to the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Command website.  This is a site that offers a lot of information, for both parents and children, about what to do in these difficult circumstances.  Just click here.

Mental Health

We work hard to address many issues relating to the well-being of our children, including their emotional and mental health.  Our work includes age-appropriate assemblies and activities that help to raise this sensitive issue and encourage children to talk about things that may affect them.  


Below you can find links to websites that combat against on-line threats to children:


Operation Encompass

Our school is now part of a project run by Humberside Police called Operation Encompass.  The purpose of this initiative is to safeguard and support children and young people who have been witness to, or been involved in domestic abuse.

Following such an incident, children will often arrive at school distressed, upset and unprepared.  Operation Encompass aims to ensure that nominated staff are made aware of the incident, early enough to support children and young people in a way that means they feel safe and included.

All schools will have a nominated key adult, in our case this is Mrs Connell.  Each morning Humberside Police will review all reported domestic abuse records.  Where recorded incidents show children, between the ages of four and eighteen years of age were present, or witnessed or were involved in such abuse, the key adult in the school the child attends will be contacted and the information shared.

The staff working with those pupils will then be in an informed position to support them in a way that is right for that particular child, if it is felt appropriate to do so.

Sex, Relationship Education Scheme: 'In the Beginning'

Our SRE scheme, 'In the Beginning' is a very effective resource in dealing with current issues in a very gentle way, giving parents the choice and responsibility for exploring more sensitive issues in a way that is suited to their individual family values.

Each year, we will run the scheme during the second half of the summer term (after Spring Bank holiday).  It is structured to enable each year group to focus on a different aspect of new life and positive relationships, and it builds progressively throughout the years, from Year 1 to Year 6.  


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