St Joseph's Catholic Primary School


Year 5 and 6 Class



Deputy Head Teacher and Year 5 & 6 classroom teacher.


Welcome back to the new school year. I hope you had a peaceful   and restful holiday.


Please look out for our weekly homework tasks along with spelling and times table practice. Please remember to help your child as much as you can to support good progress throughout the year.

Homework will be sent out each Friday and is expected to be returned the following Friday. On this day, children will also be tested on their weekly times tables and spellings.


Maths - This half term the main focus in Maths will be fractions, decimal equivalents, and fractions of money. We will also be looking a geometry - identifying properties of shape including circles.

As well as this, children will complete a mental maths test every week in order to develop their skills in answering exam-style questions.

Science: Classifying Living Things - Our children will be learning about variation and classification between different plants and types of animals, like vertebrates, invertebrates, marine life and insects. Living things in their environment with lessons on feeding relationships, ecosystems, micro organisms and adaptation and even more.

Our PE days are Thursday & Friday afternoons. Please make sure your child has their full PE kit in school for these sessions.

  • Black shorts and white T-Shirt
  • Black tracksuit and trainers for outdoor games.

This half term, the children will be learning to create new moves and shapes adding height and speed to their movements as they learn how to put together and sequence their very own dance routine.

English - This half term the children in year 5 & 6 will develop their non-fiction writing skills to inform and persuade their audience with non-chronological reports, persuasive leaflets and formal letters. They will also become familiar with the art of debating and learn the skills to deliver their own balanced arguments. 

Computing - we are game developers. The children will develop their coding skills by working on Purple Mash to create and program a simple game.

Topic - Our topic this term is based around British Values. As well as learning all about democracy, the children will explore more closely at the UK and what Britain stands for. They will delve into British history, the British legal system and the Parliamentary and Political system of the UK.

French - We will focus on learning to count up to 30 in French, practice our greeting skills and be able to locate Paris and its key buildings.

Religious Education - This half term the children will explore the topic Jesus the Bread of Life. They will familiarise themselves with the story of the last supper, become familiar with the meaning of sacrifice and learn the story of a modern day hero - Maximillian Kolbe- who sacrificed himself during the Second World war  

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